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Savannah's infectious smile
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Epilepsy True or False

In honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month, a True/False quiz:

1. You can swallow your tongue during a seizure. 
FALSE.  It's physically impossible to swallow your tongue.

2. You should force something into the mouth of someone having a seizure.
FALSE.  Absolutely not! That's a good way to chip teeth, puncture gums, or even break someone's jaw. The correct first aid is simple. Just gently roll the person on one side and put something soft under his head to protect him from getting injured.

3. You should restrain someone having a seizure. 
FALSE AGAIN.  Never use restraint! The seizure will run its course and you cannot stop it.

4. Epilepsy is contagious.
FALSE BABY.  You simply can't catch epilepsy from another person.

5. Only kids get epilepsy.
NEGATIVE.  NEGATIVO,  NEGATORIO.  Epilepsy happens to people over age 65 almost as often as it does to children aged ten and under. Seizures in the elderly are often the after effect of other health problems like stroke and heart disease.

6. With today's medication, epilepsy is largely a solved problem.
NOPE.  Epilepsy is a chronic medical problem that for many people can be successfully treated. Unfortunately, treatment doesn't work for 1 out of 3 people with epilepsy and there's a critical need for more research.

7. Epilepsy is rare and there aren't many people who have it.
FALSER THAN FALSE.  There are more than twice as many people with epilepsy in the US as the number of people with cerebral palsy (500,000), muscular dystrophy (250,000), multiple sclerosis (350,000), and cystic fibrosis (30,000) combined. Epilepsy can occur as a single condition, or may accompany other conditions affecting the brain, such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, Alzheimer's, and traumatic brain injury.

8. You can't die from epilepsy.
NOT EVEN CLOSE.  Epilepsy is still a very serious condition and individuals do die from seizures. Experts estimate that prolonged seizures (status epilepticus) are the cause of ~50,000 deaths in the US each year.

9. You can't tell what a person might do during a seizure.
GUESS WHAT?  FALSE.  Seizures commonly take a characteristic form and the individual will do much the same thing during each episode. His behavior may be inappropriate for the time and place, but it is unlikely to cause harm to anyone.

10.  Epilepsy sucks.
TRUE.  I had to put one true in here.  ;)


  1. Hard to believe they can't find the cause of savannah's or my seizures. I have had about 10 over 4 years. I am 56 yrs old.

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