Savannah's infectious smile

Savannah's infectious smile
Smile like you mean it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Time to Clap

We had the court hearing for Savannah's Conservatorship petition today and I'm happy to report I can now add Conservator to my list of titles.  Hmmm, let's see, how many titles are there now?  There's
Mom (I like that one), Doctor (nobody really calls me that, and even if they did, I wouldn't know who they were talking to), and Wife (I prefer goddess.  Got that hubby?).

And for Savannah I'm her:
Personal assistant
And now Conservator

I'm sure I'm missing some there but I was started to overwhelm myself.  Maybe I can come up with an acronym for all that?  I'm her TNEPALPGCMMC  Okay, maybe not.

The hearing was short and sweet.  The judge had a few questions and then granted the conservatorship.  At the end, he said "okay then, thank you everyone, good luck parents." I liked this comment.  Good luck.  I think our luck is long gone as evidenced by our appearance here in court today Judge-man.  Still, an appropriate thing to say as we venture out into the world to take care of this child . . . I mean adult.  Then he said "dismissed," and Savannah started clapping.  The previously stoic, all-business Judge cracked a smile as we walked out of court.  As always, Savannah smiles despite epilepsy.  And she makes the rest of us smile too.